Monthly Archives: June 2013

Smile, It Could Be Worse

Today while I was at work, an older gentleman came up to me and said “Smile, it could be worse.” Confused, I replied, “Excuse me?” He then repeated himself saying, “Smile, it could be worse.” I stood there and gave an awkward laugh as he walked away. I then thought of two things; I look absolutely miserable […]

Life is Awesome

Seriously, life in its entirety is incredible. There are so many factors contributing to the awesome-ness of life that I could go on for hours. But what about the small things that make life awesome? “Awesome” is a word to describe something awe-inspiring, or simply a word that Americans use to describe everything. There are tiny […]

Your Ears Look Hungry; Now Playing..

Music is basically a synonym for summertime. They go hand-in-hand. Like the ocean and sand. Should I make this into a poem? But really, I’ve been listening to some great tunes lately. Whether it be music I recently discovered, or throwing it back to some good ole DMB jams. Either way, all of these fill my ears […]

Omaha Events; June in a Nutshell

As summer is coming into full swing, I am already looking for different things to do when I’m not working. Therefore,  I decided to jam pack a calendar filled with various events going on during the month of June in Omaha. It is comprised of concerts (free, outdoor, paid), outdoor free movies, yoga in the […]

An Ode to Summer Camp

When you’ve been, you know. Explaining the magic of summer camp to someone who has never been is a difficult task, but alas, I shall try anyway. Spotting that yellow sign coming up over the gravel road in Okoboji, Iowa still sends shivers down my spine. From the first year I attended Camp Foster, I […]