Your Ears Look Hungry; Now Playing..

Music is basically a synonym for summertime. They go hand-in-hand. Like the ocean and sand. Should I make this into a poem? But really, I’ve been listening to some great tunes lately. Whether it be music I recently discovered, or throwing it back to some good ole DMB jams. Either way, all of these fill my ears with glorious summer sounds.

Cayucas, Bigfoot

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

These guys are seriously the bees knees. I happened to come across them when searching for concerts in Omaha this summer. They give off a complete summer-vibe. When I first heard them, they reminded me somewhat of the Beach Boys. And who doesn’t like the Beach Boys? So grab a drink and make your way to the pool (or beach if you are lucky enough) and be sure to have Cayucas playing within earshot. Also, check them out live June 25th at The Waiting Room!

Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds; Live at Radio City

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

The man, the legend, Dave Matthews. You know an artist is truly talented when they sound better live than on recording. Let me tell you this, Dave Matthews is one of those artists. This album may be one of my all time favorites, out of everyone. It comes with two discs, the the second disc being the playlist below. What I love about this album is his commentary throughout it. It continues through each song so be sure to listen to it in consecutive order. You will soon realize by listening to even the first song that he is one funky dude. He may or may not be “in another place” during this concert, but consequently it makes for one hell of a live album. Plus Tim Reynolds can do WORK on a guitar.


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