Life is Awesome

Seriously, life in its entirety is incredible. There are so many factors contributing to the awesome-ness of life that I could go on for hours. But what about the small things that make life awesome? “Awesome” is a word to describe something awe-inspiring, or simply a word that Americans use to describe everything. There are tiny moments in our lives that we sometimes overlook but are simply, awesome.

Morning television on a sick day

We’ve all had those days. Staying home from school and what else is there to do but watch TV. You can tune into the favorite “The Price is Right” at 10:30 wishing Bob Barker was still the host saying “Welcome to The Price is Right!” pointing at your television screen, or take a more dramatic route with “Days of our Lives” by quoting the opening scene, “Like sands through the hourglass… so are the Days of Our Lives.”

When babies wrap their hands around your finger

So dainty. So small. The fact that their hands fits around your finger alone makes you want to squeal with delight.

Meeting the people who live in your childhood home

You’ve always wondered who filled your space and if your obnoxious bunny wallpaper is still covering every inch of your bedroom. Meeting the people who currently live in your childhood home fills the gap of the unknown, giving you a content feeling that your house is still getting the appropriate love it deserves, and assurance that your wallpaper is still up.

photo 2 (1)

bunny wallpaper at its peak

“Illegal Naps”

The back of a car, during class, the break room or even at the library. You are sneaking these naps when you shouldn’t. Your favorite hoodie smooshed into a ball for that perfect pillow. Perhaps you are taking this nap in hopes of some quick energy, or maybe procrastinating studying for finals and somehow your head always finds it’s way onto the desk.

Fudge at the bottom of a Drumstick

The classic ice cream cone with a hard, chocolate coating dipped in nuts or Oreo crumbs. You think it’s just an ordinary ice cream cone until BAM, you hit the beloved bottom of the cone. It has just the right amount of frozen hot fudge to make you want to chase down the sketchy ding-ding man for another.

Dropping your phone and realizing it didn’t break

“NOOO!” Your iPhone is face down on some sort of hard surface. For what seems like an eternity, you bend down (holding your breath), slowlllllyyy turn it over. PHEW, crisis averted.

Free things in the break room

All you grocery store workers out there, you feel me. Have a bag of candy that accidentally got torn open? Throw it on the break room table. Week expired chips? Break room table, but eat with caution.


Ah; the hardest choice you will have to make all summer, which Fla-Vor-Ice color to choose. Green, purple, pink, orange, blue or red? Every kid in America has damaged their teeth in some shape or form trying to get these suckers open. When will they realize not every kid carries scissors around with them?

Receiving hand-written letters

Enough said.

photo 1 (1)

and yes, I keep them all.

Shout out to “The Book of Awesome” for the inspiration for this post.


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