Smile, It Could Be Worse

Today while I was at work, an older gentleman came up to me and said “Smile, it could be worse.” Confused, I replied, “Excuse me?” He then repeated himself saying, “Smile, it could be worse.” I stood there and gave an awkward laugh as he walked away. I then thought of two things; I look absolutely miserable while working, or this random man was actually trying to tell me something and make the think. I went with the latter.

For some reason his words stuck with me throughout the day, specifically the “It could be worse” part. When I really got to thinking about this, the feeling of selfishness arose within me. It truly could be worse. I came to a realization that every time some friends and I have gotten together recently, it is almost a competition of who is having a “harder” summer. Who is taking the more difficult class, or who is working more hours. When honestly, we should be grateful that we are able to take classes and work 30 hours a week.

So was this man just telling me to look more cheerful while working? Possibly. But he also helped me realize that I should be more grateful for the things in life that I usually take for granted.

So smile, it could be worse.

Also, here is my life recently in photos.


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